Mariners Complete Detail
  • Starting at $20/ft

  • Hand Wash interior, exterior and outboard motor with wax enriched soap
  • Clean and remove debris from all storage compartments
  • Wax exterior, interior and outboard motor with Meguiars Mariners Wax
  • Remove yellow water lines from bottom and all drains
  • Clean and dress all Vinyl (non-slip dressing with UV protection)
  • Pressure clean carpets (if applicable)
  • Pressure clean trailer as applicable
  • Pressure clean canvas boat cover
  • Clean bimini cover
  • Clean and Teak Platform (where applicable)
  • 1-step POLISH/polymer sealant (removes light scratches and very light Oxidation)
  • Clean and dress trailer tires
  • Clean front windows
  • Treat windshield.
  • Price varies depending on condition, model, & location.

*Sanding and High-speed polishing for heavy oxidation is extra

Dockside Mini Detail
  • Starting at $299.00

  • Ask about our dockside maintenance program starting at $149 a month
  • Complete exterior wash with marine grade wax enriched soap
  • Wash and remove bugs from ski tower and bimini
  • Wash canvas boat (if applicable)
  • We can remove personal belongings and place them in large bags or customer can remove prior to cleaning. We do not clean or replace belongings.
  • Clean and dry all compartments including glove box
  • Clean all vinyl and plastics inside boat
  • Condition all vinyl and plastics with high end ph balanced marine grade uv protectant (softens vinyl to help keep from cracking without leaving an oily residue)
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean windows
  • Wash canvas boat (if applicable)

If you live within 20 miles of 32806 and have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL trailer. A Brilliant Finish can provide PICK UP and DROP OFF service for $69.00 (up to 23’). $2.00 per mile there after.

A Brilliant Finish Mobile Boat Detailing and Reconditioning delivers the highest standards of excellence in our mobile boat detailing programs. From 15 foot bow-riders, to 100 foot yachts, we offer the finest marine services in central Florida. Centrally located in Orlando, Kissimmee and St. Cloud, our mobile boat detailers come to you, and service your boat in all marinas, private docks and driveways.

Whether our mobile boat detailers are bringing a boat back to life or continuing a regular monthly maintenance program, we will conduct our work with the utmost attention to detail. Regular washdowns go a long way towards preventing unnecessary erosion, however preventative protection will keep your boat glistening, while extending its life and reducing depreciation.


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Professional Oxidation Removal

Boat detailing can be very inexpensive, if it has been properly maintained since the day of purchase. Unfortunately, this is not the case 90% of the time.

The Florida sun is very brutal on gel coat and once you have oxidation, the only thing ANYONE can do is slow it down. We can remove the heavy, severe oxidation and then it most cases you will have to wax the boat again in a few weeks. This is not a bad thing.

Why? Well once all the severe oxidation has been removed, waxing will be 95% easier and effective than before we remove oxidation. In most cases if you hire us to come back and wax the boat, we will work a special price.

We believe proper oxidation removal can take up to 7 steps. Most people under estimate the cost of boat detailing and oxidation removal. The cost of business first, then technicians, materials.

If you were to attempt to try to properly remove oxidation or detail your boat on your own, depending on size, it would end up costing over a thousand dollars. We take pride in making the old faded boats and cars look nearly new again.

We will always do the best to our ability to do a great job and make sure each customer is completely satisfied.

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Boat Detailing FAQ

Do you wet sand or dry sand the boat?
That depends on the integrity of your boat’s gel coat.  We can do either method but will make a recommendation to you after close inspection.

How long will the oxidation removal/recondition last?
This depends on the storage and maintenance provided after our service. Oxidation can only be slowed down.  The process used to remove oxidation will also have a significant effect on longevity. That is why we choose to sand.

Can you do severe oxidation removal dockside?
We can, but we strongly recommend against it because it is impossible to get the same results as we could with your boat on a lift. Dockside, the boat swings and it is nearly impossible to get to the bow without getting wet. Also we can not get to the transom at the correct angle for proper technique.


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